Bring & Buy

Here is your chance to sell stuff that has been gathering dust, get some cash for it and get the chance to grab some bargains in return.  The best part is you don’t have to spend hours manning a flea market table to make it happen.  Sell your excess gaming paraphernalia while you participate in one of our many games.

The Bring & Buy room will be convenient to the main gaming hall and open for most hours on both days of the convention.  FitE staff members will man the Bring & Buy Room during hours of operation and will be responsible for the “sales activity”.  10% of the proceeds from your sales go to Fire in the East.

No need to pre-register, just bring your stuff on the day, along with an inventory form and price tags (see below), and check it in with the Bring & Buy staff member. Below you will find links to the downloadable forms which must be filled in before your items are placed in the Bring & Buy room.

Bring & Buy Seller Inventory Form

This form (download PDF here), which you complete, should be filled out before presenting your items at the Bring & Buy room.  It will be used to keep record of all sales of your gear.  Please note if your prices are negotiable.

Useful tips:

  • Sellers should bring their items in bags or boxes, for ease of storage and carrying away; and so that the B&B staff can re-arrange items on tables as necessary. Multiple pieces being sold as a single item MUST be in one container, so that they may be kept together
  • Make sure everything is clearly labeled and listed
  • A B&B Tag must be SECURELY attached to each item
  • Talk to the FitE B&B Staff members about negotiable prices
  • Be reasonable with your pricing – this way you get cash to buy stuff that might grab your interest!

Bring & Buy Tags

The second form (download PDF here) contains the Bring & Buy Tags designed to be filled in, printed and displayed next to the defined items.

Note: Please ensure that the details on the B&B Tags match the B&B Seller Inventory and that the Tags are securely attached to the items.