About THES

Who runs Fire In The East – NJCON?

Tri-State Historical and Education Simulation started in 2010, and in 2014 incorporated as a non-profit.

The THES Mission is to help historical sites – especially those that have lost Federal, State and Local funding – in Fundraising, Public Awareness and Preserving History through Education and Simulation of Historical Events.

Our main event has been Fire In The East – NJCON; New Jersey’s Premier Tabletop Wargaming Convention. Held in New Jersey for 8 successful years (taking one year off to re-organize), we do not raise much money at this event, but it’s enough to keep the Convention rolling as more of a networking opportunity and for brand recognition with the local gaming community.

Past support efforts include:

1) It started with the Battle of Brandywine at Brandywine Battlefield Visitor center. We ran the Battle of Brandywine in 28 mm for visitors to see how the flank move actually played out and they could visit the Battlefield with a better visualization of what happened many years ago. We collected no money for the event, but I was told the Visitor center saw an increase of sales by $500.  http://brandywinebattlefield.org/

2) The Lazaretto has a natural history day to increase awareness of its historical significance. We have run an Armor display, Vietnam display and WWI airplane display. We did not collect money at this event but raised awareness of their event. http://www.1799lazaretto.org/

3) During NJCON2 – held at Fort Dix – we raised over $900 for the Survivors Fund at Fort Dix New Jersey all from food sales we let them handle.

4) Bushy Run Battlefield – After a visit to the battlefield, I realized not too many people understood the significance of this battle fought in 1763. I joined their Friends of Bushy Run and began an awareness campaign for their 250th Anniversary event. I ran Bushy Run and carried a poster of the event to Williamsburg Muster, Cold Wars, and Historicon. I donated my payment of Fall-In registration for 2 years to Bushy Run and helped them raise an additional $900 for their event. They asked me to run my battle at the Visitor Center during the event, but I got sick and missed out. Bill Molyneaux from Gettysburg Gamers ran a game for me on site. http://bushyrunbattlefield.com/

5) Olympia – what a great event. I happened to drive pass Olympia and saw an advertisement for Educational groups to stay over night. I quickly called and visited the Philly Seaport Museum and found Mike was a gamer as well. So we set up a Games Day and built and painted the Ships for Manila Bay. We got money from HMGS to advertise via flyers and got a free ad in Wargamers Illustrated. The event was great and we raised over $1600 for the ship and awareness of her potential scrap yard fate. We have since learned that she was saved and not going anywhere. We will be running another event aboard her and I was granted funds from HMGS for the event.  http://www.phillyseaport.org/olympia

6) Philadelphia Free Library- Knowing the Head of Security has its benefits. We were attempting to marry Lectures, Books and Gaming at an event that will raise awareness and support for the Free Library. Our first event was less than spectacular since advertising was way down. Won’t make that mistake again. We ran the Battle of Kursk and had a presentation provided to explain the Battle. We spent more of our time talking and explaining the battle than we did running a game.  We also raised funds for the Wounded Warrior project through sales of Tee-Shirts. (Not sure on amount raised but figure under $200)  http://www.freelibrary.org/

Future events that are in negotiations now.

1) Wildwood Naval Airport Museum. Working on a Summer event that we can spend a day gaming and raising awareness while spending a day at the Beach! Working with John Burke of the Cape May Gamers Group. http://www.usnasw.org/?page_id=54

2) Invited to run an event at Ridley Creek Colonial Plantation- Asked to run an event in the upstairs of the Plantation for their F&I weekend or their Medevil weekend. This event could open up opportunities for the following future events. (Paoli Battlefield, Fort Mifflin and Valley Forge) http://www.colonialplantation.org/

3) Philadelphia Library Reboot-  I want to try a lecture series on Decisive Battles. Have a lecture and then the game. http://www.freelibrary.org/

4) USS New Jersey- I have an in with Johnny Mack who is a volunteer Tour Guide on board. I have contact numbers and working the event. It helps with references from the Philly Seaport Museum. http://www.battleshipnewjersey.org/

5) I did talk with the award winning Director of the Documentary Called Crooked Billet and he seemed very interested in this type of event for Valley Forge or Hatboro (Site of the Historical Battle) http://www.hatboro-pa.com/hathist.htm

Would Like to see us do

1) Battle of Monmouth at Monmouth- Bert is our in for this event. We now have Non-profit status and a resume of proven events.

2) Battle of Red Bank at Fort Mifflin with overnight Ghost hunter stay over.

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