NJCON7 – Fire in the East AAR

Well another great show has come to an end. We are very pleased with the compliments and encouraging reviews of our show for 2015.

We had a wide variety of games and tournaments at our show this year and the showcase games were very impressive.

We started our set up on Thursday evening by setting up the vendor’s hall and had both Windsword and Age of Glory start to set up. On Friday morning we had a crew of volunteers that helped lay out 120 tables and over 200 chairs. More vendors arrived to set up their booths, Maplewood Hobby, Silver Eagle, and On Military Matters. We set up the Saga, Flames of War and DBMM Tournament areas with plenty of room for more gaming.

Doors opened to the public at 12PM and it began with a rush of people registering for the show. Being so close to the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo we were well prepared for games. Dave Waxtel and company ran five different Waterloo scenarios (Hougoumont, D’Erlon’s Attack, the French Cavalry Charge, Placenoit, and the Attack of the Old Guard, using Shako II and skirmish rules) multiple times throughout the two days.

The afternoon attendance was brisk and more people arrived after work. The Oink & Moo food truck returned again this year, disappointingly arriving later than expected, but fed the masses eagerly waiting for their arrival. I had to have the BBQ Pork Shooters with Chili and Cornbread. Excellent as always and they did a good business for the rest of their time there. Evening brought more attendees and good gaming as we wound down around midnight.

We opened at 8 AM on Saturday morning with the morning rush of Tournament Players and day trippers. The vendor hall was busy and the Bring & Buy had new people bringing their stuff to sell. Lots of games kicked off around 9 AM and the gaming hall was full. When it died down a bit at registration, I delivered our “Thank You” promotion to the GM’s that ran games. (Their reward was a $10 NJCON Bucks to be spent in the vendor hall.) This way we were able to thank our long time supporters, Game Masters and Vendors for building our show. Lots of great games continued all day and into the night. I got a chance to break away and make it to Harold’s Deli for a great corned beef special sandwich… which was enough to make 6 sandwiches. We finished the evening with clean up and our last die hard gamers lasted until 12:30 AM.

NJCON7-Fire in the East was a great success thanks to our many supporters – Gamers, Game Masters and Vendors. I cannot stress enough how thankful we are to have such strong support for our show. If you have any suggestions on how to make NJCON8 – The Ocho – better, please drop us an e-mail.

Until next year!

Thank you