SAGA Tournament at NJC6-FITE


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SAGA Tournament – Maplewood Madness!!!!

Saturday, June 7th at NJCON6-Fire in the East (Edison, NJ)

Up to 8 players and 3 rounds

4 pt Warbands
Only Official Factions & Battle-boards may be used (except the Crescent and Cross book)
No Jomsvikings and no Skraelings
No “Named” characters (Heroes)
No “Army Banner” allowed

3 rounds of battle each lasting 1.25 hours
First round: 10:30-11:45 PM
Second round: 1:00- 2:15 PM
Last round: 3:30-4:45 PM
Terrain will be provided
Loaner Armies available

4 Boards with following scenarios
1) Pillage the Village
2) King of the Hill
3) Battle for River Crossing
4) Clash of Warlords
**The winner of a Scenario will get 2 Points and the loser will get 0 Points. If the result is a Draw both players get 1 Point. The Kill Difference (For minus Against) will be recorded to be used to break ties and final standing.
***Prizes will be awarded for Winner of Tourney, Best Sportsman and Lonesome Loser

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