Flames of War Tournament at NJC6-FITE


Our Flames of War Tournament returns for it’s sixth year at NJCON6-Fire in the East! The tournament is slated for Saturday, June 7th 2014 at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, New Jersey. The tournament will mirror the requirements for the upcoming FOW Nationals Tournament at Historicon.


1485 point, Mid war lists for North Africa or Eastern Front (or other Nationals authorized lists). Three rounds will consist of “Fair fight”, “Mobile Battle” and “Defensive Battle”. 24 player tournament.

Check-in begins at 9:00am on Saturday, June 7th; games start promptly at 10:00am.

For information and sign-ups please contact Stephen Wagner at: wagnergc.mail@gmail.com (convention pre-registration will be required for this event) Please indicate National Army when you sign-up. All lists must be received prior to May 31, 2014 (please use “Easy Army” format).

Listed on flamesofwar.com

We are looking forward to another great tournament and convention this year. I hope to see you at the convention on June 6th and at the tournament on Saturday, June 7th!


Steve Wagner
NJC6-FITE FOW Tournament Coordinator