NJcon5 June 7-8th, AAR

Thursday – Setup. We set up over 100 tables and 100 chairs in the Vendor Hall, Tourney Area and Main Gaming Hall. Windsword was the first vendor to arrive and start unpacking.

Friday – We arrived around 8am to unlock the doors to find Warstore Collectables unpacking and Maplewood Hobbies showed up shortly afterwards. By 9am we had On Military Matters, Major Objective Games and Age of Glory setting up. Both Silver Eagle and Brigade Games arrived as it was raining.

Registration began around 11:30am as most of our pre-reg people arrived for the early games.

My Battle of Bushy Run was well attended by 6-7 players. The British/Scots/Provisional players started out slowly on Edge Hill which allowed the Indians to adjust to try and cut off the road North to Fort Pitt. Several skirmishes broke out as they exchanged fire. Then the Indians and Scots Grenadiers decided to mix it up and the game turned into a hand-to-hand slugfest. The dice favored the Indians and when the dust settled the Indians blocked the road North and eliminated the 2/77th, 1/42nd, and the Grenadiers. All in all I think people enjoyed themselves. (I want to thank the South New Jersey Shore Gamers for attending; even with the rain and their games-day on Saturday, they made the trip anyway!)

I got stuck at the registration desk after my game but got a chance to see a Modern Skirmish in Afghanistan, and the Shako II Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras (played simultaneously on adjacent tables). All games were well attended in the main gaming hall. The Bring and Buy and Vendor Hall had happy customers on Friday. Oink and Moo provided food for the show and they said they served over 90 meals on the first day and were excited about Saturday. (Gamers can eat!!!) Later in the evening we began to set up the FoW area for Saturdays Mid-War Tourney.

Saturday – The morning began to dry up outside from the heavy rain. Registration opened a little after 8am to see a lot of people register for FoW, FoG and carrying their Bring and Buy stuff in to the show. After the initial rush which we had to get more tables to meet the demand in the Gaming Hall and the Bring and Buy area (we used 128 tables which breaks down to around 48 (5 x 8) gaming tables in use on Saturday). When things died down at the registration desk, around 11am, I got a chance to visit my beloved Vendors Hall. I fortunately sent my shopping list to the vendors before the show and they had my items set aside for me. (A good plan since I did not get to the Vendors Hall until after 11am.)

My Shopping list

On Military Matters – Hail Caesar supplements, the new Saga release and a Roman Scenario book for Classical Hack! Thank you Dennis and crew at On Military Matters!!!

Age of Glory – Picked up Grenadier Miniature Romans and Ancient Germans. Yes even got Empress Minis Boers. Thank you Steve

Brigade Games – I am collecting his King Philip Wars figures so I bought several packs of that range and a few North Star Pike men. Thank you Lon and Crew

Windsword – I picked up my Swedes for the 30 Year War in glorious 15 mm since they carry Old Glory 15 mm. Thank you Rick and Crew

Maplewood Hobbies – I pick up 2 of the latest FoW- Vietnam releases M24 and M109 battery. Thank you Rich, Stefanie and John

Silver Eagle – I finished up with Saxon Saga figures to fight my Vikings. Thank you Jacob and Crew

The afternoon was rocking in the Gaming Hall. Every table had something going on it. I saw Roman Civil War, American Civil War, a Command Decision Crete Invasion, Magnificent Seven with Eli Wallach, Age of Sail games, and even Dinosaurs chasing down Illinois Nazi’s I think?

The Flames of War Tourney entered its 2nd round, while Field of Glory was still in their first.

It was back to Oink and Moo for BBQ Ribs and Chili. I enjoyed it while sitting outside at a Patio deck. I got caught up at the Bring & Buy in late evening. A Gentlemen from NYC, “made me an offer I could not refuse” so I NOW have a fully painted German Barbarian Army for Teutoburg Forest. In the words of Nancy Kerrigan, “Whyyyyyyyyyyy, whyyyyyyyy would someone do this to me.” I believe he was a Giants Fan at that!

The Day finished up with “the Freaks come out at Night,” Zombies!!!! Mike Lorenzo ran his legendary Zombie Apocalypse game. We sadly packed up at the end of another great year for NJCON. I hope people enjoyed the show as much as I did.

Like last year we are meeting to discuss, “What we can do better?” Last year we heard the food was bad, so we answered your concerns by upgrading the food with Oink and Moo. We changed our website to allow pre-registration for games and listed more things at the advice of the attendees. Please address any of your suggestions to njcon.org/contact-us.

Thank you to all our Vendors, Game Masters, Attendees and Staff for making NJCON5 a success.